Learning To SQI

In joint work with Jonathan Komada Eriksen, Michael Meyer and Giacomo Pope, we give a SageMath implementation of SQISign following the 2020 paper: SQISign: compact post-quantum signatures from quaternions and isogenies, by Luca De Feo, David Kohel, Antonin Leroux, Christophe Petit, and Benjamin Wesolowski. We hope that this implementation serves as an educational resource for an interested cryptographer who wants to learn about SQISign, a promising isogeny-based signature. This project is comprised of:

  • SQISign-SageMath, the SageMath implementation released under an MIT license
  • Learning to SQI, an accompanying blog written for those wanting to learn more about the implementation.

SQIsign NIST submission

1 of 15 contributors of the SQIsign submission to NIST’s call for alternative post-quantum secure signature schemes, which has progressed to Round 1.